Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Future Trends in Social Media

How do you think social media will change in the future? What other trends would you add to the mix? Are they any specific technologies that you think will gain popularity or emerge?

Looking back on the last ten years social media has expanded and improved the user’s ability to communicate and socialize.
I feel that in the future, the physical and digital worlds will be more highly connected than ever before. We already today are able to run in the park and track our progress online while sharing it with our friends or track our weight loss.
I see human relationships will no longer be as physically dependent and we will befriend and hang out with people from all over the world and all walks of life, all ethnicities and all beliefs, creating a worldwide melting pot.
There will be a shift, where people will begin to find it increasingly more acceptable to expose more and more of their personal details on different forms of social media. Sharing your likes, dislikes, opinions, photos, videos and other forms of personal information will be the norm and people will become more accepting of personal experiences, both corporate and personal.
The future may show more social media tools that are meant for handheld devices or even new forms of technology that users are able to use anywhere in the world. In order for this to happen, cell phones will have to have more memory in order for the tool to run at a quick, convenient speed. Blackberry and the IPhone have gained incredible popularity over different demographic populations because they suit their user’s needs.
Overall, I cannot predict exactly what the future holds, but from relating to past social media and technological trends I can presume that the technology and social media tools will always be upgrading and be successful because of the large market that it caters too.

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  1. One thing I don't agree with 100% and that is the human interaction part. As people, and humans we are dependent on the connection and interaction of others. So if we rely on social media to connect as a society we will die, not physically but we won't be the same as we are now. Scientists have studied that people need to connection if other people to live and survive, so social media will connect us but it'll never stop us.